iPhone Apps and Posterous NEED a BACK BUTTON, UNDO Option and Retrieval Safety Features for Writers!!!

It has been a while since I posted. I was really so upset by my last blog post (an attempt to post that was eaten by Posterous or my iPhone) that I just have not had the heart to write and lose it again! I have learned an important lesson……. type in word processing and THEN go to the posting site. I just rarely spend as much time writing as I did that last time and that made it worse than ever.

I had written a post about an Alzheimer’s event that included three chapters and LOST IT ALL! I was unable to retrieve it though I did try multiple ways to get it back.

iPhone apps and sites such as Posterous need to address such problems that users like myself experience. WE NEED BACK BUTTON, UNDO options, RETRIEVE features! Just being able to go back ONE step would help or heaven would be if we were able to go backward several steps.

I think now that time has passed and I have expressed my dismay at the cause of my loss I can begin to write again and fill you in on more Snowbird Stories, Alzheimers Obseravtions, Florida Travel and such!! Please forgive my blank space in time. MUCH has happened and I will begin again!

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