My Favorite Christmas Song: Merry Christmas Darling

I loved the Carpenters and I had all of their albums when I was a high-schooler. During High School, I sang and danced in Broadway-type productions, less perfect than Glee, but Glee-like.  For Christmas programs, our choir memorized Merry Christmas Darling, a Carpenters Christmas specialty  and the lyrics always tugged at my heart strings. My beau was away at college; yes, he robbed the cradle, and yes, I dated a college-man! This Christmas of 2010, when I watched the Glee Christmas special I wondered if they would sing “Merry Christmas Darling”.

The lyrics of the song go like this, “Merry Christmas Darling …..We’re apart that’s true…. But I can dream and in my dreams I’m Christmasing with you.”

The Glee Cast did sing it! They also have a Glee Christmas CD I am searching for. Has anyone seen it or know how to get a copy?

This Christmas my heart strings are being tugged again. Being retired I am now at home alone, a lot. I am away from my children and grandchildren more than I like and I dream of being with them more. Jobs and school keep them busy, like my job and schooling used to keep me busy.

I loved the song, Merry Christmas Darling, the first time I heard it and have loved it every time since. Here’s my Merry Christmas to all of you my friends!!

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