Great Quotes By Ali McGraw, now 71! Ali has LEARNED so much in her years on this earth and shares so much…

Great Quotes By Ali McGraw, now 71!  It has been 40 years since Love Story!


I just watched Ali McGraw on Oprah DVR-ed! Ali has LEARNED so much in her years on this earth and shares so much that I was lead to write down some of her comments. I thought some of you might enjoy them as well. Here are some great quotes from their conversation.


Ali is 71! I can not believe that! She does not look like it! BUT hair color makes a big difference.


Ali:  “I am learning how to live in the present and being grateful for the working piece rather than the parts of life that are NOT working. Balance is important, too.”


Oprah: “I am really good at telling people how much they need balance but I am not good at having balance in my own life.”


Ali: “The message of the movie Love Story was ‘Love means you never having to say you’re sorry’ and 

Ali now says, ‘what does that mean?  It makes NO sense!’ “


Ali, “Saying you are sorry is not the deal – changing your behavior is the deal!”


When discussing relationships Ali said:

“I don’t believe in mind- reading. We must speak what we want and here’s what I can not deal with. I am sure it took me well over 60 years to ask for exactly what I want.”


Ali: “Many people are career people pleasers and that makes life hard.”


Ali: “You have to tell the truth and have the courage to know that you might not get your way.” 


Oprah Winfrey: “The Movie Love Story contributed to the ILLUSION of what love is.”


Ali: “In my time, people were fed a list of what life should be and it was a ridiculous omission of life itself.”









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