FL Snowbirds Diary Entry 3: The Confusions Caused by Alzheimers

Pawpaw seems recently to have higher levels of confusion. This trip in particulatr seems to have topped all other days, & weeks in this regard. We have noticed that taking him out of his familiar home environment causes his highest levels of confusion. This series of visits with family for Christmas and then travel to get here to their winter snowbird Florida home has caused more confusion than shorter trips.

Traveling at Thanksgiving from St Louis to my KY home, confused him the first day, a little during the week, and while returning home. This Christmas and travel to Florida excursion with more overnight stops, different beds, room layouts, bathroom locations, and highway miles seems to have increased his confusion in direct proportion to the number of different temporary domiciles. He and Mom began this journey traveling from St Louis to Paducah. Then they traveled to Huntsville to Tallahassee to Fort Myers and on to Sebring. This much travel is necessary to drive south for the winter but does cause him to worry about where he is, where he is going and what he is supposed to be doing.

Now that we are in their winter home, we are hoping he will recognize it and settle in soon. He has gone from “when are we going home” to perfectly clarity in his whereabouts and comfort. Today he has been through a range of thoughts from pure clarity to total confusion. He read a book today and later tonight he did know the book was his. I played Farkle, a dice game, with him tonight and he had fun and smiled! On some plays he knew exactly what he should do and others he had no idea how to make his own decision about his next roll.

Just a few minutes ago, He asked my mom, “Mom where are you working now?” He thought my mom, his wife of 28 years, was his mother. At times he has been convinced that mom and I are strangers and his ‘other wife’ is coming to get him.

He seems much more confused at night. Late evening confusion seems to be a pattern. Tomorrow we are supposed get the TV hooked up and we hope that helps him pass time more easily. Meanwhile we pray steadily for comfort, patience and strength for all of us as we march along to the interrupted beats in Pawpaw’s brain.

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