Entry 6: Awakening to the Sound of Dripping Water

Before we even got out of bed this morning we discovered a continuation of yesterday’s toilet problems. Pawpaw can’t remember – that’s Alzheimers. In this case, he can’t remember to use the foot / floor pedal flushing mechanism. He tries to find something with his hand to flush with and on the camper toilet that is at the back and is the water supply.

This morning makes the third time in a few days that he has pushed so hard on the water supply that it came loose and sprayed water every where. In trying to hook it back up this morning, mom discovered that the plastic water line now has a hole in it.

Again we are remembering, this is a little thing……it is water, just water, clean water…… It is water, just water, clean water……. Just water….. A towel is handling the drip for now since we can’t reach the tubing to tape it up. It is clean water, just water……..

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