FL Entry 8: Praying for Colton; Pawpaw Adapting; Mom Happy


Found out today…. Colton got over the croup…… and got better….

Then a few days later got another respiratory / sinus infection. Dr told them to use a Neti Pot and he feels better afterward.

Now today he is sick with the pink eye!

I hurt for him. Please pray for Colton with me!

His Gigi

Pawpaw is adapting to being here in the camper, at Buttonwood, in Florida and is FINE when mom and I leave for several hours!!!

Mom is very happy I am here. She is enjoying having me to help her do the CareTaker jobs: keep Pawpaw happy, talk to him, answer his questions (that sometimes are repeated many times in succession), help him with meals, activity selections like TV choices, books or playing a game now and again. She is also happy I am here to join her in little getaways!! We have hit every Flea Market close by within an hour of us and it seems like every store in Sebring since we arrived a week ago.

Here in town she had decided she likes me to drive, it allows me to let her out, do the backing up (which she hates to do and never has been good at), park, and do the walking. Imagine that – her 52 year old daughter can drive!!

I have to work to be balanced; I have to be able to handle the problems but also be able to do as I am told as if I were still a child at home. So far, so good.

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