First Sneak Peek of Images from Our Snowbird Exploration of Lake Placid Florida, Town of Murals; Entry 23


As planned, we drove down the highway just a short piece from Buttonwood Bay to Lake Placid Florida, both in Highland County. I still have not seen a mountain and do not expect to when the maximum here is 100 feet above sea level.

I did expect to find some beautiful murals and I did! We were gone for several hours today and Pawpaw joined us since we were just sight-seeing. He seemed to enjoy himself but Mom said he asked several times while I was out shooting pictures, “now what is it that she is taking pictures of?” He also confused Mom today for his mother-in-law. He thought she was Munner. So, once again, we have evidence that Mom’s grey hair is confusing him so we are back to the original idea of darkening her hair like it has always been. Mom with grey hair is just not his Wilma, at least in his eyes and mind.

It was a gorgeous bright sunny day, 76 degrees and perfect to be out and about. With the sun so bright the polarizing filter became a necessity. A polarizing filter is like placing really good sunglasses over your camera lens and it works wonders. The gallery display here is your FIRST sneak peek into my photography of today. I did not have time to go through all of them but I wanted to give you something to see from our wonderfully fabulous day in the Sunshine State.

Today is just one example of why Snowbirds come to Florida in the winter. Heading South is a good idea for folks up north of the ‘retired’ category. I can enthusiastically recommend snowbirding! I can also recommend a visit to Lake Placid. It is a beautiful little town, one that any community gather good ideas from in areas of beautification. it is obvious that this community has come together and spruced everything up just for us visitors!

Enjoy these pictures, there are MORE Coming!

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