SEVEN FLYING ANGELS Poem: written by Melodi Ann Oliver, a KY high school student right after the Challenger tragedy. Please take a moment to read, remember and pray.

Honorary POEM written by a KY student right after the Challenger tragedy.

Melodi shared this poem with me and I then shared it with every group to whom I spoke for 5 years or more after that fateful day.

Take a moment, read, remember and pray for those who still hurt from the loss of their loved ones.
This 25th Anniversary has been emotionally power packed for me and will also be for many others in the NASA family.

Seven Flying Angels


Many hearts are heavy and many tears are shed

For these Flying Angels who are now among the dead.

We think of our great heroes – – the fighters in our wars;

But these ones are special and different from before.

It’s impossible to imagine the families in their grief – –

We pray for their sadness because only God can supply relief.

Why did it happen? Will we ever know?

For now, let’s just honor them as the American flag hangs low.


We salute them for their courage, for their compassion and their love.

They’ve finally reached the skies and now live above.

They’ve opened the door for others, and gave hope to a dream

Of the American Teacher to see what only few have seen.

With a smile on her face and an apple in her hand

She led a path for many and made us understand

The dream of growing closer to the Earth that gives us life;

A woman with a dream – -American citizen, mother and wife.


Yet they are all heroes and in our eyes equal – –

Citizens and loved ones and idols to the People.

Now, let’s bow our heads and to God let us pray,

As we remember the seven that were quickly taken away.

Now they’re with God and living in the skies,

Let’s look up to the Heavens and say our last goodbyes

To Seven Flying Angels , to seven precious friends;

Their mission has not ended – -it’s just ready to begin.



By: Melodi Ann Oliver

Student, Bowling Green High School

Rockingham Lane

Bowling Green, Kentucky  42101

Dated January 29, 1986: 2:30 p.m.

Written as a Tribute to the Crew

Of the Space Shuttle Challenger, Mission 51-L


Shared with you by Sue Darnell Ellis

NASA’s Kentucky Teacher in Space, 1985 –

NASA Retiree 2007 –

Frankfort, KY Resident 1989 –

Calvert City KY Hometown Girl



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