Snowbird Post 32: Victoria Secret Bag turns to Crochet! Reviving the Lost Art of Crochet!


Snowbird land has MANY ironies of life within. Here are pictures of a beautiful golden Victoria Secrets bag Dennis once gave me filled with lingerie and perfume. The heart is still there but the bag is filled with crochet thread and a blanket in the making. The hot pink name is still there but now the giver is Gigi Sue and the recipients will my children and grandchildren! Here I am 1000 miles away from Dennis already for one month and now another month to go! Vicky Secret is but a memory for now. But wait! When Dennis comes to get me we will be ready for a second honeymoon! Maybe I shall hunt for new lingerie and perfume to add a special touch to add to our already warm and yearning hearts. One definitive observation: Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. I do miss my baby. I do miss my hubby Dennis!! Time passes slowly some days and fast on others. I am thankful to be enjoying the lost art of crochet!! Mom is a great teacher and I am picking her brain and skill sets while i have her close in hand. I am now making blankets, kitchen hand towels to hang on handles, pot holders, coasters, dollies for tables and more! I guess I do have a domestic side hidden away behind teaching, education, administration and NASA for so many years! Dennis for one will be shocked that I sat the computer down, have tried my hand at and learned other more domestic skills, and created many goodies using the near lost art of crochet.

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