Winter Snowbirding and Alzheimers Caregiving Diary: It Feels Good to be Home After 2 Months

A friend asked me how Home feels.

My first response was “Busy!”

We got Home late after driving Tuesday & did not get into bed until about 2AM. We slept late Wednesday. It felt fantastic to be in my own bed again!!!! Dennis was so tired he called his boss and stayed home to recoup too. We were both exhausted from driving 15 hours in one day!

Dennis’s being home one day to rest and build his energy to work again, gave us the time to be home alone together and that was a great welcome home too!! Dennis works so much, it was very special to have him to myself all day! He was sweet and canceled his Wednesday bowling too because I asked that of him. I really wanted him to be with me as I visited family all afternoon and evening for the first time in two months!It was great being together as I revisited my life!

First we went to his Mom’s house and got to see grand daughters Olivia and Kaylee too. Seth called and then all of us went to see Seth, Crystal and Colton. It was so good to see my son and grandchildren!! They were excited to see me and I, them! It all felt GOOD!!!

My Mom tried to call right as we were arriving at Seth’s so that talk was short. Tonight, Thursday, Dennis and I called mom back and talked a long time, letting her know we arrived here safely. We caught up on Pawpaw and their first days without us. We shared with her that we have NOT seen the sun since we drove into Tennessee!! It began raining on us while were driving thru Tennessee and literally, it has rained and the sun has not been out since we got home either!! I will be happy to see Kentucky sunshine!!

Today, Seth came and spent the afternoon with me, and Alma & Kaylee came after school and stayed through dinner time with us. It Is good to feel missed and appreciated! Everyone is quite impressed with all my project’s mom taught me too! So, yes it feels GOOD to be home!!

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