Posterous Design and Development Suggestion from a Dedicated User: Readers finding ALL Alzheimers Writings

As a dedicated user of Posterous I would LIKE TO SEE:




I have SEVERAL TOPICS I am writing about and I would LIKE to ORGANIZE MY POSTS BY TOPIC not by date as they are currently shown. 




When a reader find my writing about Alzheimers, I would like them to IMMEDIATELY SEE the ADDITIONAL POSTINGS they could read.


As currently organized I doubt if many people go back and read the MANY Alzheimers Real Life Stories I have written and I WANT them to be able to find THEM ALL when they find ONE. Currently a reader would have to go through 9 pages of posts looking for the Alzheimers posts to find the ones specific to their learning. Maybe some will but I doubt very many would.


A reader MIGHT think of searching for Alzheimers Writings of Sue Darnell Ellis BUT I don’t know how many users would think of that or try it.

I believe we as users and developers need to think of these things to make the users life easier. Not all are techies and just need to find one entry into the info they need to begin reading. I would mould like my readers to easily find my writings they want to read when they are directed to Posterous from FB or Twitter.



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