Leadership Frankfort September 2010 Challenge Day Pictures “Walking Among the Tree Tops!!!” High Ropes Team Challenges

I am sooooooo glad to be getting into my Leadership Frankfort Class!! Best laid plans of mice and men always seem to be changed somehow someway and in this case my mother’s needs due to my stepfather Pawpaw’s Alzheimers care needs had to precede my business interests. Now that I am home, back in Frankfort and getting ready to join the group again next week, I am uploading pictures and our group stories for the Leadership Frankfort Facebook page for all to enjoy and have easier access to.

It was a Challnege to get me assigned as an Administrator. It was a Challenge to figure out HOW to be an active administrator on this Facebook page in addition to my own personal Facebook pages. With all of those Challenges complete, I prepare these pictures galleries for for my classmates and The Chamber to enjoy.

Our first CHALLENGE DAY took place place at Asbury College and included their Low and High Ropes Challenge Courses. On Monday afternoon of our two-day Leadership Frankfort Initial Challenge Retreat, our challenge was for the Team to complete the HIGH ROPES CHALLENGE COURSE 35 FEET ABOVE THE GROUND!!! This was a challenge extraordinaire! With a 200-400 zoom lens Susy and I were able to capture close up facial responses to this scary over-the-top experience of a iifetime! Enjoy the pictures, explanations and our story.

Leadership Frankfort Class of 2010-2011

Preparations for our Tree Top Experience

Putting on of the Harnesses and Helmets Safety Equipment

Lessons Before the Climb

Two Ways Up: Climb the Swinging Ladder OR Climb the Cargo Net

Walking in the Tree Tops

Walk the Swinging Bridge

Walk the Single Rope with Swinging Ropes Above

Walk Three Separate and Swaying Planks Thirty Feet Up!

Walk the Balance Beam in the Tree Tops


Two Ways Down

Swing Line Express – That was MY Choice

Swing Like a Free Spirit, Like a Baby Bird’s First Flight from its Nest, GRAVITY Pulls you Down

and ZERO GRAVITY FREE FALL has you in its Grip for a split Seconds Taking Your Breathe Away!


“The Challenge Course at Asbury Colege is an experientially-based outdoor program focused on developing greater leadership, communication, trust, and initiative in teams. Since inception in 1992, the program has served over 25,000 participants of all ages and ability levels. We’ve had guests from middle school soccer players to corporate executives. The Course is located in a beautiful hardwood forest on a 300-acre farm above the Kentucky River Palisades, and is one of the largest and most versatile ropes courses in central Kentucky. High Course Activities: The high course is a series of linear challenges set in hardwood trees, from 20- to 35-feet above ground level. While the challenges inherent on the high course appear to be more individually oriented as participants take the opportunities to challenge themselves on a variety of different activities, the significance of the group support, encouragement , and assistance cannot be discounted. Lessons on risk taking, confidence-building and personal satisfaction can be addressed in a safe environment of personal challenge and support. The Asbury University Challenge Course is constructed of treated wood, cable and ropes, and is inspected for integrity by our staff on a quarterly basis. Each spring a professional consultant assesses the course, the environment, the equipment, and all Challenge Course practices. The Asbury University Challenge Course holds memberships to the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and the Association for Experiential Education (AEE). The ACCT is the national body that sets construction and safety standards for ropes course operations. The AEE is the international body which encompasses the varieties of settings and types of outdoor education programs, publishes the Journal of Experiential Education, and supports program integrity with peer review and accreditation. Our construction and program practices are well within the guidelines established by these organizations.” Asbury Website Description


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