Leadership Frankfort Visits Frankfort Plant Board Media Services; Pictures by Sue Ellis, Memories Photography Frankfort

Leadership Frankfort Visits Frankfort Plant Board Media Services April 2011; Pictures by Sue Darnell Ellis, Memories Photography Frankfort

John Higginbotham, Cable / Telecom Superintendent, Frankfort Plant Board, shares details about the coverage of Cable and Telecom Media Services of the Frankfort Plant Board. The Frankfort Plant Board provides multiple services to its 17,000 customers including digital cable TV, broadband, telephone, home security, dark fiber services, electric and water.Cable service has been provided since 1952 in Frankfort.


Map of Franklin County and the areas receiving services by Media Serivces. The beige color highlights the map of Franklin County. The blue, green and purple colored sections show the regions of Frankfort and Franklin County where cable has been run to serve customers. Studies continue for all areas of the county not served by the cable network and will be added as possible.


Macintosh Apple as well as PC equipment is used in editing Media Services programs, and commericals.


Gary Grider, Media Services Manager, Frankfort Plant Board, Frankfort KY shows the equipment and explains the processes used at the Frankfort Plant Board to create programming on Cable 10 and run the cable network for Frankfort and Franklin County. Mr Grider brought immense experience and credibility to Frankfort from his previous work at Los Alamos National Lab, Information Technology Systems Detroit, Military Program Management Services in Huntsville Alabama, and Access Security in Dallas Fort Worth. He has held high standards of production in all of his efforts in Frankfort’s Media Services. He is leading the way to bring much faster, better media services in very near future.


Leadership Class member Emmet ‘Bubba’ Mills visits with a staff member during the tour of the Frankfort Plant Board Media Services.


Posters of past, present and upcoming programming brighten the office walls.


Mr. Grider shows the programming studio that also serves as computer editing and production plus storage since they have outgrown their current facilities.


Out with the Old, In with the New. Analog video tape copies of previous programming are stored within the studio and will remain in storage until another solution can be reached about these archived programs. Video tape deteriorates and does not store well in open air as it ages. 


Out with the Old, In with the New. New programming is created and stored digitally. Digital CDs and DVDs are not affected by open air storage and require much less space for the same amount of programming.


A large map of Kentucky, its counties and major cities, fills one wall within the Frankfort Plant Board Media Services office.


The local network programing has received numerous awards and recognitions for their work. A few of the Telly Awards are shown.


As we completed the tour we catch Libby Andersen busy at her desk. Libby handles Customer Services and many other duties at the Frankfort Plant Board Cable Telecom Media Services.


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