Sisters Lorine and Nell aka. Cousins Mirra and Sue Ellen in 2011 reminicing years gone by and plotting twittering of the future


Mirra & Sue looking like Nell & Lorine & Ida Sue too.

Sisters and great friends, Lorine and Nell, long gone now but forever in our hearts are aka Cousins Mirra and Sue Ellen in 2011. We spent time together today reminicing years gone by, catxhing up in family of today and plotting twittering of the future!

How does this story make sense?

Nell and Lorine were sisters.

Nell was Mirra’s mom.

Lorine was Sue’s grandmother.

Nell and Lorine were best friends.

Mirra was a much desired baby girl in a whole family with lots of boy brothers and cousins!

I was the apple of Lorine (MamaGrandma’s) eye her first grandchild, a girl, after she had two boys.

Mirra and Sue are great friends now!!

We two offspring look very similar to our ancestors so much so family calls me Rene and Mirra, Nell. We look like we could be sisters.

These pictures of Mirra (Mary Nell) & Sue Ellen were taken with my iPhone camera. Not bad for a phone camera.
We all thought of MamaGrandma Lorine, Aunt Nell, Aunt Sue, Aunt Mary & all our Caruthersville Missouri family.

I shared some old, old pictures I scanned from MamaGrandma’s old albums at daddy’s with all the family. Fun pictures, fun memories that I will share as I get them edited.

Love to you all,

Sue Ellen

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