Re: Alzheimer’s Care & Snowbird Memories Diary Day 2: New Roles Meant Waiting Patiently & Being a Handyman

I clearly remember this day and too was worried.  I once had the pipe come out of the down drain and had to clean up a whole yard.  I used up every plastic bag that I owned and put the whole mess in the trash and had it hauled away.  I then hosed down the yard and used two gals. of bleach to clean up the scent.  I have had a horror of this ever since and that was back when we owned your Airstream.
I am so glad that we now have a house and do not have to worry about this stuff. 
By the way, we need to learn about that deed thing that our RealEstate friend from Troy told us about and get your name on the deed or how ever this is done.  You have earned that house and I want you to have it over an above your share of the estate–providing that I do not use it all up before I die in about 20 or 30 years.

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