Uncommon Journey Limericks by John & Laurie Witmeyer

Just received the Limericks from John and Laurie for tale of the Best of the West.

First read their email message to all of our tour participants.

“All: Attached is a copy of the limericks from the trip. Hope they capture a few of the moments and a bit of the sense of our uncommon journey. Thanks for sharing the miles with us.

John and Laurie Witmeyer”

Now here is their limerick we all lived and loved on board Our Uncommon Journey.

BEST OF THE WEST – SEPTEMBER, 2012 We started by train in Chicago Rolled through Wisconsin, St. Paul and by Fargo ​Our Journey Uncommon ​Seemed to go on and on (and on) Till we were greeted at Glacier by Ricardo. We then met a park guide named Bruce Led our search for bears, bison and moose ​He was quite a pundant ​Though a tad too redundant And our animal chase turned up goose. We ate too much food and got fat Logged miles on the bus as we sat ​If our focus was waning ​Or we started complaining Conrad said “How exciting was that!?” From Lake MacDonald’s great boat trips Conrad led us to Jackson and float trips ​He took us on marches ​To Canyons and Arches Such clean fun we all tossed out our roach clips. A few portions were sort of monotonous As we sat our butts got more gelatinous ​But we learned from the best ​Of the Best of the West And will remember the pine cones serratenous. Sitting way in the back of the bus Was the group who had caused such a fuss ​The folks from Chautauqua ​Didn’t behave like they ough’ta And with them it ever was thus. With Conrad our leader of fun We saw mountains and rivers and sun ​Crossed divides continental ​In search of health-mental We’ll enjoy long after our journey is done. So we sought out a tour of the West For learning, adventure and rest ​Led by a talkie ​Who hailed from Milwaukee We thank him for being the best! 14159704.1

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