Bison Crossing Yellowstone National Park


Borrowing from Yellowstone resources, “The bison is the largest land mammal in North America. In a typical year, more than 3,000 bison roam the grasslands of Yellowstone National Park. Bulls are more massive in appearance than cows, and more bearded. For their size, bison are agile and quick, capable of speeds in excess of 30 mph. Each year, bison injure park visitors who approach too closely.”

Most of these pictures were made at a great distance and from inside our tour bus. Here you see herds of female bison and since it was not mating season, single bull bison roaming Yellowstone alone. The tree pictures show bison rubs, where the bison use the trees as scratching poles!

A few of these close up pictures were made the day our tour group arrived in Yellowstone Park to spend three nights in Yellowstone Cabins. As soon as we found our cabin, mom and I headed out on the short walk to find something to eat in the historic Yellowstone Hall and cafeteria. Just as we left the cabin and began our walk, we saw a bull bison along our path….

I didn’t have my big zoom lens, a no-no on any square inch of Yellowstone! I wanted to get closer BUT remembering the stories Conrad shared, I snapped a few pictures and we headed on down the road, on our way, safe, sound, and without bull horns following us!

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