Elk Antler Decor – Best of the West


Decorating with Elk Antlers is one distinguishing characteristic of Jackson, also known as Jackson Hole, Wymoing.
Walking through the western town I caught a few examples of Elk Antler Decor. Here you can see a Christmas wreath and Christmas tree, chandelier, porch light, and the famous Jackson Hole Elk Antler Arches. The center of Jackson Wyoming is the George Washington Memorial Park Town Square and each corner entrance to the park is an arch of elk antlers.

Elk antlers are abundant in Jackson because the National Elk Refuge, established in 1912, is located adjacent to the town. The refuge was built to provide winter habitat for the elk herd whose normal migration path had been
disturbed by the building of the town of Jackson. Annually bull elk shed their antlers and grow new antlers at the rate of one inch per day. The Boy Scouts of America pick up the antlers every year on the refuge, weigh, sort and hold the World Famous Jackson Hole Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction in May. The proceeds help the Boy Scout Organization and fund needs of the National Elk Refuge.

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