Uncommon Journeys Participants Taking a Break during a Long Travel Day


Long drives call for nice breaks; that is exactly what Uncommon Journeys leaders strive to do for participants. Pictured here are my new friends enjoying the nice break at the Bluebird Cafe in Logan Utah and in a variety of places along the road as we stopped to stretch our legs, enjoy ice cream, grab a snack, utilize a rare but welcomed ‘hot spot’ or just breathe the fresh air.

The first pictures shown in this gallery are of the Bluebird Cafe, Logan, Utah. The Bluebird is Utah’s oldest restaurant, open since 1912, is a quaint old-fashioned soda fountain that pleased us all completely! A plaque placed on the walls of the Bluebird in 2007 reads:

Logan Historic Site. 19 North Main

Built c.1890, this two story, dark brick structure is crowned with a cream colored Federal-Greek cornice are three French doors with transoms and small, Latin balconies. Large transom windows at the mezzanine have a segmented brick. This handsome building once housed a yard goods and clothing store. The Bluebird Restaurant was first begun in 1914 but has been at this location since 1923. Stepping inside takes you back to era with its dark marble and wood entry, imported marble soda fountain, and decorative woodwork and tile. The Bluebird has been a gathering place for generations of Logan residents and a source of memories for those who return after years away.”

The remaining pictures are a hodgepodge of assorted pictures snapped of my travel mates along the road of our journey.

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