Farmlands of the West as Seen from our Tour Bus

It is a challenge to get good pictures speeding down the interstates and highways in a bus but I did actually get lots of good picrtures as we traveled between the national parks that were the main focal points of our tour. In this gallery you will find a collection of the farmlands of the American West.

Why did I take pictures of the farms of the west? Why do I care? I am a country girl at heart. I hail from Kentucky that is largely an agraian state. My ancestors for many generations, including my parents and grandparents, grew up on farms and were involved in farm life as children. As a child, I was blessed by being able to visit my grandparents farms each weekend and loved the time I spent there. As a young bride, I lived on a farm in western Kentucky for fourteen years before moving to my current home in Frankfort, Kentucky. It was intersting for me to capture views of farms in a part of our United States where I had never traveled before. I hope you enjoy these images too.



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