Entry 11: Heaven!!! Tiki Bar, Pool, Bike Riding and Crochet Class!!!

I found some more ‘young whipper snapoers’ or rather Karen found me! Karen and Mark, easy for me to remember because of the Barnhills of Calvert City, stopped by because of Mom’s shingle hanging out front of the RV advertising their Missouri home. I answered the door and since we are near the same age, we hit it right off. She is the one who wanted Crochet classes so I jumped in and volunteered mom to teach us both!

Today was the GIRL’S DAY OUT and we went to the Tiki Bar, Cafe by the Lake,  to have lunch under the Spanish Moss laden trees next to the lake. At lunch mom flirted with the older gentleman who came and asked us how everything was for us. Her flirtations paid off because he came back to our table with three brownies in hand! Soooooooo girls, flirting never gets old! The men are ALWAYS responsive to it no matter whether you are just blossoming in life or whether you are moving toward wisdom and your later lifespan.

Today we started our crocheting. This the Second Time in my life to learn crochet! Maybe it will stick this time!? I made a baby blanket when I was pregnant in 1985. 25 years later I am starting at Ground Zero again! I picked a bright multi-colored yarn and wonder if I will ever move at more than a fraction of mom’s pace. She reminded me that she only worked 9 months of the year and did not travel as I did so she has been able to build upon her childhood lessons all of her life. I, on the other hand, left childhood lessons of sewing, crocheting, and quilting lying dormant for 25 years. Now I am in a season of life where I am able to pick those lessons up where I left off and try again! Today I started again.

After crocheting got the best of us, Karen and I hoped on her bikes and round around the park and decided to head to the pool. The pool is wonderful, heated and a nice place to lay in the winter sun. Our pool trip was short since it was later in the day BUT it was a nice introduction of days to come!

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