Entry 12: Lazy Day, Prays for Those at Home, Sundowners Syndrome

I stayed here with Pawpaw while mom went to run errands with the carless neighbors. We finished lunch watching Bonaza and now I am stretched out for a nap. I am fine but need more sleep than mom. She only sleeps about 5-6 hours in 24 and I need 7-10…

My mind wanders home when I am not busy as now, and may I please ask you all to pray for Colton and Seth Michael. Colton has been sick most of the last month and it breaks my heart. He had the croup so bad that he was hitting himself in the face and he was bruised and bleeding. Seth and Crystal were worn out because he had to be held 24 /7 to keep him from hurting himself. He got over that but shortly after a only a few days of him feeling good again, he got sick again with another respiratory infection according to the doctor. I got to talk with Seth yesterday and he has been very sick too. He must have something similar to what Colton has had in his respiratory system but he sounded worn out from sickness in the house. Seth told me that Colton was diagnosed with pink eye on top of the respiratory issues he has had. When talking with Dennis last night, he told me that Seth has pink eye now. So, please pray with me for them to heal soon.

Everyone in FL is doing well. Tom has settled in and much more normal now. The TV helps a lot. We have definitely noted the Alzheimers Sundowners Syndrome with him this past week. As the change from daylight to dark occurs, some Alzheimers patients get very confused. Each day last week whether during the drive south or being here in the RV, his concern and questions began again around dusk. After he settles into the evening he gets okay again. Now after a full week here in Sebring, he seems to feeling at home. Tonight after dinner he asked if he was on vacation or what. I grinned and said, “yes we are on vacation for the winter away from the cold north weather.” Mom added he was retired and and never had to go back to work again. He was happy about being retired and for tonight that ended the questions. Pawpaw went into medical disability leave because of his stroke in 1989. He then reached 65 and officially retired in 1993. As my sister-in-law observed about Pawpaw, he is confused about the “WHEN” he is in life. He confused her with a girl he knew when he attended Paducah Junior College in 1949. His “WHEN” segment of brain is very jumbled at this point.

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