FL Entry 14: Cool Day, So Been Inside on my Computer Working on My Crossfield Teachers Website

Since it has been rather coolish today 59 degrees, we have stayed inside. Staying inside allows me to work on things that have taken a back burner to other projects at home. Today I worked on my Crossfield Teachers website. What is that? Well………let me fill in a gap.

My life has taken me in many directions and been very exciting in lots of ways. One of my highest honors during my career in education was to be chosen by Mr. Scott Crossfield himself to be honored as the National A. Scott Crossfield Teacher of the Year in 1991.

Scott was one of our nation’s greatest heroes. Scott was a naval aviator and test pilot of most of the experimental aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base. Scotty, as known by his friends, was the first to fly Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound), was the first to fly Mach 3, and had more experience flying rocketplanes than any other pilot in the world when he left Edwards in 1955 for North American Aviation. Scott was most proud of his A. Scott Crossfield Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year Award which is awarded annually at what is known as the “Oscar Night” in aviation, the Annual Enshrinement Ceremony Weekend at the National Aviation Hall of Fame held each year at the end of July in Dayton, Ohio. I proudly carry Scotty’s Award and am involved in continuing his dream to share aerospace science with teachers nationwide.

If you are curious about Scott’s national teachers, the Oscar NIght of Aviation in 2009, you can see pictures of these and our workshop created in Scott’s honor at this website that I have created for my fellow Crossfield Awardees and future awardees. I will be building upon this website, filling in historical as well as new pictures as time allows

I invite you to visit and see what life is like in an aerospace  education workshop and Oscar Aviation Awards night:


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