Entry 16: After Tiki Bar Entry, Snowballs being thrown my way!


After my Tiki Bar Entry, Snowballs are being thrown my way! 

Cousin Laura emailed me a thrown snowball after reading my

“Tiki Bar, Pool, Bike Riding and Crochet Lessons” entry! Sister Cindy, emailed

about 10 MORE INCHES of snow in ALABAMA and it NEVER  snows in Alabama.

On the phone Dennis shared that Franklin County had been out of schools and expected more snow.

On the speaker phone conversation, Dennis’s mom jumped in saying, “you sure knew when to get out of here and head to Florida!”

It looks like we did escape snow and ice! The temperature here yesterday rose to 79 degrees and was a great day to get some sun but mostly we were wound up in Crochet lessons by mom, after Girls Lunch Out at the Tiki Bar. After we tired of trying to be as good as mom in crocheting, Karen and I rode bikes to the pool and enjoyed it for a little while before the sun began to go down.

The temperatures here did dip last night into the 40’s and today our high is supposed to only reach 59 degrees. Looks like the coolness is reaching its hand into southern Florida somewhat. Our location here at Buttonwood Bay is surrounded by citrus orchards fully covered with oranges, grapefruits and tangerines. Sebring is know as the Caladium Capital of the World. 98% of the caladiums of the world come from here. Caladium, otherwise known as Elephant Ears, must not freeze out and when their bulbs are planted in northern zones they must be removed from the ground to prevent freezing. The growing seasons in this southern location with Florida are rarely interrupted by freezing temperatures. At least once this season the freezing mark has been reached because there are no fresh green beans to purchase in the local farmers markets.

We have beaten the snow and ice of the north but the temperature can dip and be a it chilly. We have been running a little heat at night. I have worn sweatshirts when walking around outside some times. The temperatures are up and down but the sun is out and all is MOSTLY very nice, ESPECIALLY when  compared to snowballs, black ice, slipping and sliding! Somebody’s gotta do this! Might as well be me! Love to you all!


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