Snowbird Entry: Now Mom is Teaching Us How to Play Bridge!!!


Karen, camping neighbor and also close neighbor to Mom and Tom in Missouri, asked about playing cards, specifically Bridge, so tonight she and her husband Mark came over. Once again I could volunteer Mom to teach us! Mom has been playing bridge for more than 50 years and after our lessons, all three newbies believe it might take years to learn!!! We got the hang of bidding a little but the scoring is WAY over our heads still!! We might play every day to see if we can catch on.

I read some research on aging that discovered a correlation between those who play Bridge and extra longevity, clarity of mind and less Alzheimers! Sounds like good reasons to learn this game while I still can. Extending my lifeline, keeping my wits about me and escaping Alzheimers are all great byproducts from a thoughtful card game if you ask me!

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