Alzheimers Strikes PawPaw Snowbird in the Middle of the Night Diary Entry

During my Alzheimer Caregiving Trip to Florida this winter, I wrote a LONG story about Pawpaw waking in the middle of the night.

When I posted that story, it went from three short sections to one line. I WAS DEVASTATED!! The problem came from doing the post on my iPhone and and the iPhone Posterous Application. I STILL have NO Idea how this happened and have subsequently had it happen AGAIN! SO Posterous developers and engineers PLEASE try to check things that can happen within the mobile apps that would send just one line and post accidentally it without the users knowledge and FIX IT!

I stopped writing for two weeks I was SOOOOOOOOO discouraged! I had written the the story complete with correct punctuation on my iPhone and then when the posting occurred ACCIDENTALLY I had LOST ALL OF MY WRITING! I am writing on my computer today and will continue to use my computer on my longer writing after having experiences these losses.

May I suggest:

a speciifc series of 2 – 3 steps that will insure NO premature Posting? Like  a REVIEW BUTTON…… and Question: “Is THIS what you intend to post?” with the ability to go BACK at least 2 or 3 steps to pick up the whole document I lost. Lastly, “Are you SURE you are ready to post?” ?????? 

a BACK Button???????

an opportunity to ACCEPT / CONFIRM the apparent user initiated direction to post given when a post first ‘SEEMS TO BE DIRECTED’ by the user????? THIS is what caused the posting errors on me. I DID NOT direct the posting and then had NO way to correct the error from my end. ALL WAS LOST!

Thank you for considering my thoughts and opinions. I KNOW we are all in the early development of these opportunities and will be happy to work with you as you move forward with this wonderful tool!



She is? I didn’t know that! Are you sure?

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