Surviving Alzheimers Caregiving with Plenty of Snowbird Projects: Sewing Lessons by my Professional Seamstress Mother!

Mom sewing…. I cut everything yesterday. Mom ironing, Camelot on TV on TCM for Oscar month, two of of the finished blocks for the wall hanging showing picture of a picture of the pattern I bought to make for her as a housewarming! There are lots of palm trees in the house decor and she needs one nice palm tree to replace one they are taking. I am learning lots to keep me busy while trying to be retired in Frankfort, which is not as easy there as it is here. Me being here and letting mom teach me so much has kept both of them calm , even yesterday. News from yesterday: when we got home from buying groceries, walked into the camper, Pawpaw was GONE!!!!!! His kiddie car was gone too! Mom was calm, said we’ll find him, put the food away and then we began to drive…… Tiki Bar, mail boxes, Harry was nit in park, down main streets, all way to other end of park thinking he might have tried to get to new house with the paper and the address… But nothing. There are 900 lots here! So I suggested we go to the Community Center where our Silver Threads group had an all day event and find out emergency procedures. Within 10 minutes mom had made calls and someone had Tom at their house until we called….. We went to retrieve him. He was calm and upset as we thought he might have been. We had hid jacket and a blanket afraid he had been outside a long time and gotten cold. The high yesterday was 64 and that is cold to him. Anyway he was only about 3 streets over from our camper – in a place, on a street neither mom nor I knew was there, had no idea existed, and had never been to. We would have looked there last if we ever discovered that little side street….. We was safe inside, talking but glad to see us. He thanked us for looking him up. He did not know our address and one of the guys who had retrieved him from driving up and down the street, made a tag with the address and taped a big sign in the back if his cart with our address. That was a great idea and the event was confirmation that this park is a great place for them to settle!!! Last night we watched 1939 movies: Wuthering Heights, Wizard of Oz AND Gone With the Wind right in a row! Every year in February, TCM is great for watching or DVRing the best movies!!! Love to you all! Sue

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