Snowbird Friday’s Diary – A Truckload of Us on a Day Trip Out to the Gulf Coast plus some Pics


Friday was a day trip out to the Gulf Coast to go to the Red Barn Flea Market – 90 minutes one way! This is our first attempt to do anything so adventurous but maybe our last if Pawpaw does not do well. It is bright sunny, currently 64 degrees with an
expected high in 80s today!

We are all in the truck headed to one of the biggest Flea Markets in Florida, in Bradenton, The Big Red Barn Flea Market, a completely new one for us! Mom, Pawpaw, Harry, Connie, Tanner and me all piled in and headed down the road. Tanner, their little shitzu, is snuggled next to me! He is filling in for my grandkids, Colton and Lizzy!

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