My Florida Diary – Today My Snowbird Projects: Sea Scape Thread Art Project


Snowbirding has it benefits! I have been receiving lessons from a master seamstress, my mom. After attending the Highland County Quilt Show I was inspired to try thread art on wall hangings and quilts!

This is my main work of art ever done in my life! I accomplished it here while in FL. I have worked really hard on this to finish before Dennis arrives THIS Sunday night late!!!! I am Ready for him to arrive and to take me home!!

I wanted to use Mom’s good sewing machine to do this project so I was motivated and finished the thread painting tonight. Completing this thread art quilted sea scape and learning to crochet have both been blessings to keep me from going crazy in our cramped conditions.

I have also completed two palm tree wall hangings. These are my very first attempt to do this!! I am very pleased!! I am not sure if you can see the stitching in the close ups but that is why I included them!


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