More Real Life Observations on Alzheimers Symptoms, Alzheimers Caregivers and Patients

The medical community has come so far! My dad had 2 valves replaced in 2003 and more in a long long surgery. He stuck with his rehab and has been healthier than in his previous years of life, playing golf every day after his rehab!!! So- with prayer, great doctors, and a positive attitude everything will be fine! Prayers are so important! Sometimes the prayers are for the patient and sometimes for the caregivers.

I am currently in FL and have been since Jan 1, helping my mom with my stepdad who has Alzheimers really bad. Prayers for the caregivers in these cases is critical!

Pawpaw’s disease is progressing into Stage 6. There are 7 stages of Alzheimers. He can not remember simple words, things, places or names even of the two if us who are with him day in and day out. He can’t remember that we own this RV, or that we are in Florida. He can’t follow simple instructions, or mske simple decisions about what to eat. He does not know what to wear unless mom lays it out or what to eat unless exactly what he is supposed to eat is placed in front of him. He can not remember how to use the shower, which bottle is shampoo, or how to get into a bed unless it is turned down. He has called me his wife, his neighbor, Mom’s good friend, and has called his wife of 29 years, my mom, his mother, his sister, and his mother-in-law.

Just yesterday mon went and had her hair colored back to brunette to help that situation. He has looked for her, asked where his spouse went and when she got a picture out from 28 years ago he said, “yes, that is my wife, where is she?” Maybe with the gray covered up with brunette he will be better about that. He sometimes sees people. Yes I mean, he sees people who are not there and never have been in the room with us. He has asked us where the little boy went when we have not been around any little boys in months and months!

I have been here for another second month, February, now. Dennis decided they needed me more than he had to have me in Frankfort. It seems like it may be their last winter in FL together and this is tough so I am hanging in there to love and support them both.

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