Not Snowbirding, Back to Reality, Dr Oz and his Very Helpful ‘Just Lose 10’ Dieting

I actually began following Dr Oz’s Diet Rules & using his Suggested Grocery List (in part, @ least) in the fall. I lost 25 pounds before I left home in late December to help mom and Pawpaw. I gained 5 back with Mom’s cooking even though I walked quite a bit. Now I am starting to diet again.

I found the elimination of soda sugar drinks completely helped as much as anything. I began and am heading back to drinking only water! Remembering no white flour and carbs helps too.

Dr Oz’s Diet Rules:

1 avoid simple sugar syrups

2 choose only 100% whole grains

3. Eat only lean protein (remember saturated fats cam make u fat)

4 vegetables are unlimited

5 Follow Suggested foods portion control

6 Shop Perimeter of store and stay away from processed foods


Dr Oz’s Suggested GROCERY LIST

Fish (a downfall since I do not like fish)
More color in fruits begs better
Whole wheat pasta
Brown rice
Spring mix salad
Turkey breast
Salmon canned w/ omega 3 fatty acids Rutabaga – cut fry mash less carbs calories than potatoes
Butternut squash
Whole grain hamburger buns

Find a Full grocery list on Dr

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