Home Again, Keeping Colton Lots, Pictures of Our Now TALLER Miracle Boy in Time for TEAM COLTON March of Dimes

Being Home again has meant LOTS of Family Time, and Grandchildren! First I saw Olivia and Kaylee. They squealed and we shared big hugs. It was fun showing

them all of the things I learned how to make. They were quite enthralled by watching me crochet the blankets that I showed them I was making for them. Next we

all saw Colton.  We set it up to give him a book, read on tape by me, and a teddy bear with my voice. The way it happened I watched his reaction. He had missed

me and I had missed him! It was hard that first time I saw him and he reacted to my voice gifts with a sad, forlorn frown. Then to have him jump with joy and grin

from ear to ear, when I was able to touch and hold him again, was PURE HEAVEN!! 


The timing worked out perfectly for me to keep our boy since his new Nanny was on vacation this week.  While I kept him I carried my new camera and captured

him in action. The weather was beautiful and very warm the day I captured these pictures so we went outside a lot! First are pictures in his new Radio Flyer

Wagon that Santa brought him. he loves the wagon and going outside. The next pictures are of him exploring and playing with his Mickey Mouse ClubHouse. 

Next he is actually listening to Mickey Mouse ClubHouse on the TV. See how TALL he is! He has grown so much!!!!!! He pulls up and is still wanting and working

hard to walk on his own. Please pray that one day he can! He can stand as you see, pull himself up but walking out across the floor still eludes him. He is working

still to walk with a walker. When Crystal arrived home, we picnicked outside with his wagon. he loves cheeseburgers as you can see. We finished off with

chocolate Oreo cookies as you can see on his hands and his face. After lunch, Colton explored the yard a bit until he was just exhausted and a nap gave him lots

of comfort. He is so sweet and these pictures of him sleeping show him in that sweetness. 




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