Pictures of Mary’s Mexican Quinceañera, 15th Birthday Womanhood Fiesta, complete with Pink Hummer pictures by Memories Photography Frankfort.

Mary’s Mary’s Quinceañera Gown, her decor all bring together her Pretty in Pink Quince Anos, Quinceañera.  The Essence of Mary and her Quinceañera was true youthful beauty of a 15 year old young lady budding into her womanhood. The Quinceañera balloon decorations were completed by her mom and friends and made the party atmosphere something to behold!


Quinceañera or Qunice Anos is the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday for some Mexicans and Latin Americans.  This birthday is celebrated differently from any other birthday, as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood, into dating and high heels. It was my distinct pleasure to photograph such a celebration this weekend. I now share a few pictures with you. It is a beautiful fiesta Quinceañera,, a beautiful traditional Quinceañera, one I am extremely happy I was able to photograph.

Enjoy the pictures and see glimpses of a Mexican Quinceañera from the beginning with a tour of Kentucky’s capitol city in pink hummer limousine. See Mexican Quinceañera dresses, decorations, traditions, gifts, friends, family all in honor of Mary’s 15th Birthday and transition in womanhood.


This Quinceañera, Mary’s 15th Birthday Celebration is complete with a PINK Hummer limousine cruising through Frankfort Kentucky and stopping by the Kentucky Govermor’s Mansion. Mary’s Quinceañera and her group of friends enjoyed her limo ride through Frankfort Kentucky and stopping by the Kentucky Govermor’s Mansion for this group photo full of memories for a lifetime! Pictures by Sue Darnell Ellis, Memories Photography Frankfort. 


During Mary’s Quinceañera her sisters and friends are with her by the Govermor’s Mansion in Frankfort Kentucky.


We had a beautiful afternoon perfect for Quinceañera Quince Anos picture memories by the Govermor’s Mansion in Frankfort Kentucky.Pretty in Pink for her Quinceañera, Mary was Queen for a day complete with a Mansion in Frankfort Kentucky.


Our Qunice Anos 15 year old Queen of the Quinceañera is complete with her Pink Hummer wheels, what an interior! Laughing with her sisters and friends inside the Pink Hummer was a special treat for Mary’s Quinceañera. 



Mary’s Quinceañera gang’s all here in the Pink Hummer Limousine. This Quince Anos with the Pink Limousine makes Mary fit to be a Queen, a Governor or a Senator here at Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort.


Turning 15, celebrating her Quinceañera, Mary is pretty in pink and stepping into her pink limo too. Ready for a Spring Drive down Capitol Avenue.


Mary arrives at her Quinceañera party to be welcomed by her waiting guests. 


Mary, 15, Pretty in Pink, enjoying her Quinceañera celebration with friends and family.

FAMILY PICTURES are an important part of the Quinceañera for memories for a lifetime! Here are pictures of all of Mary’s family, her sisters, her grandmothers, and friends all with the 15 year old celebrating her Quince Anos, Quinceañera. Pictures include one with her mom, the Quinceañera creator, brought together for Mary’s Pretty in Pink Quince Anos.  All photography by Sue Darnell Ellis, Memories Photography Frankfort.  



Mary’s Quinceañera Cake is a beautiful Fondant Cake with layers of different flavors. Time for Cutting the Quinceañera Cake. Special thanks to mom and dad for Mary’s Quinceañera Gown, her decor, her gifts, and everything brought together for her Pretty in Pink Quinceañera. Time for Cutting the Quinceañera Cake and time for friends to get a taste of the fondant.


Mary’s Quinceañera Gown, her decor all bring together her Pretty in Pink Quinceañera. Here Mary’s dad helps her trade her flip flops for high heels. One step in the tradtional  Quinceañera  and Mary’s transition into womanhood.


Quinceañera balloon decorations were completed by her mom and friends and made the party atmosphere something to behold! The tradtional Quinceañera presents the young lady with a Quince Doll, a Photo Album, a pillow, flowers, gifts and more. Pictures of these traditional Qunice Anos decorations were all made with pleasure by Sue Ellis at Memories Photography Frankfort.


Parties and Games at the Quince Anos had the accompaniment of a DJ included the Pinata and the DJ version of Musical Chairs.







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