Alison Abell’s Bridal Shower Pictures by Sue Darnell Ellis, Memories Photography Frankfort- Save the Wedding Date – June 4, 2011

Alison Abell’s Bridal Shower Pictures by Sue Darnell Ellis, Memories Photography Frankfort- Save the Wedding Date – June 4, 2011

The Simpsons, Gay, Tandy and Leslie planned and prepared a beautiful Bridal Shower in honor of their nephew/cousin Jeremy Simpson and his bride-to-be Alison Abell. The table decorations were magnificent and could have graced the pages any magazine! Here you see glimpses of the Simpson’s elegant table decor including colorful fresh-cut flowers and fresh fruit topped off with a monogrammed cake for Jeremy and Alison Simpson.



Alison and Honored Family Guests: Family Though these pictures were made last I have included them here since the most important guests of honor are joining Alison. These pictures include all of the grandmothers and mothers from both Alison’s side and Jeremy’s side of the family. 



Visiting Chatter of Guests Arriving: As guests arrive the Simpson family members meet the Abell family members, many for the first time. Family and friends catch up on news and stories of children. Women, mostly, involved in their chit-chat chatter as the time for showering Alison comes closer. AS most guests arrive the hostesses open the table to enjoy the horderves.


The Shower of Gifts: Alison was showered with many gifts and lots of happy wishes. Simpson family members welcomes her with open arms into the family with sincerity and love. Alison’s family arrived with arm loads of wonderful gifts for the young couple and met the Simpson crew. Excitement was in the air, smiles covered all of the faces, as everyone gathered around to watch Alison open the huge pile of gifts. As time passed, the little ones, whose attention spans had dwindled joined in the opening fun. As the shower came to a close, little Layton Simpson joins us for the final minutes ladies gathered around the kitchen television to check on their UK Basketball team and yes, they won!


Oooo’s and aaaaahhhh’s!!!!! accompanied the MANY FACES OF ALISON as she opened her bridal shower gifts……. so much emotional joy shown in faces of excitement, fun, delight, laughter, life, and love. Pretty Alison.


Time to Cut and Eat the Cake!! Plenty of food, cake and punch for all!


Capturing the next generation of brides-to-be…….  Throughout the shower I found opportunity to capture the children in ‘their world’. Pictures include the children playing with the adults, nieces with their Aunt Megan, girls playing with an iPhone, and showing out for me and the camera.


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