BAKE SALE Saturday at Kroger Spending Time with Colton (pics) – Please Help us with TEAM COLTON March for Babies

Beginning TEAM COLTON fund raising we first have a BAKE SALE at the EASTSIDE KROGER SATURDAY. Come make a donation, any size of your choice and take some goodies home with you! I know my friends and I contributed fudge, mini-cakes, brownies and cookies of several flavors. 

Here are some pictures of Colton this past week since I have come home. UK BLue fired up for our tournament run that ended too soon. I brought the rocking chair home from Florida where I bought it for 40.00 from a craftsman who made them himself. It was great deal and just Colton’s size!


To show you HOW MUCH COLTON HAS GROWN, here are some pictures of Colton at Halloween 2010 and this past fall at his 3rd birthday party November 25, 2010.


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