Leadership Frankfort’s Health and Human Services Challenge Day; Frankfort Franklin County KY by Memories Photography Frankfort

Our Health Services Day for Leadership Frankfort began at the Franklin County Senior Citizens Center here in Frankfort, KY. We spent most of the late morning and early afternoon at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center Hospital and then ended our day the Frankfort / Franklin County Red Cross downtown followed by a trip to the Franklin County Health Department. Our programs were so good that we did have to miss one or two pieces due to time constraints. Since I love history and historical pictures and today’s subject matter could mostly NOT be photographed, I choose to capture the HISTORY options I COULD photograph. You will note historical posters and nursing uniforms found at the Red Cross in addition to the beauty of the Red Cross building itself captured here. Enjoy! Sue Ellis, Memories Photography Frankfort


 Franklin County Senior Citizens Center here in Frankfort, KY



Sensitivity Training at Frankfort Regional Medical Center Hospital 



CEO Frankfort Regional Medical Center Hospital 



Frankfort / Franklin County Red Cross downtown 



 Franklin County Health Department


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