Memories Photography Frankfort shares Leadership Frankfort Kentucky MEDIA Challenge Day Pictures; Frankfort’s Froggy 104.9, Star 103.7 by Sue Darnell Ellis

Leadership Frankfort Kentucky MEDIA Challenge Day April 2011 in Pictures by Memories Photography Frankfort, Sue Darnell Ellis

First Stop: Offices of Frankfort’s Froggy 104.9, Star 103.7 and the new WKYW AM “Timeless Cool” 1490

The fun in photography comes in many ways. Today, I hunted frogs! Check out these shots from Frankfort Kentucky’s Forever Communications Radio Media offices. Several frogs hide within the building and offices of Frankfort’s FROGGY 104.9. Gator’s coffee thermos has a FROGGY sticker that starts this show. Next is the first frog guests see as they enter on the Welcome Desk and my first ‘find’ in the FROGGY search. 

Mindy Abott, otherwise known as Sally Mander, welcomed us and explained to me that their littlest frog that used to be in the mouth of the bright green Frog has somehow disappeared. Oh well, not too much of a tragedy. Turn around twice, enter the ON-AIR radio production room and there’s another frog peeking out the window blinds looking onto the street. A closer look at the peeping froggy, I noticed he was wearing a Santa cap! So I guess Gator, Cricket, Jumpin Jim Bean and Sally Mander have more to do than change their Froggy’s clothes from season to season!! My search then revealed frogs in a rainbow of colors on a computer monitor. These frogs wear no extra clothes except their colorful skins, so no one needs to change the seasonal attire!  Check out the FROGGYs found in their offices.


This next series of Memories Photography photos features my Leadership Frankfort classmates as they explore and listen to learn more about Frankfort’s Radio Media. As we entered the building, we were welcomed and introduced to the Forever Communications stations General Manager Garry Brown for Froggy 104.9, Star 103.7 and WKYW AM “Timeless Cool” 1490. As you see these pictures, I hope you can catch a glimpse of each Leadership Frankfort class member of 2010-2011. I do try to catch everyone throughout our challenge day activities. Of course, there are no pictures of me, not the class clown, but the class photographer, Sue Darnell Ellis, owner and photographer of Memories Photography Frankfort. When one takes the pictures, that someone can not be IN the pictures! Maybe THAT’s why I love photography so much! Check out the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Frankfort Class exploring FROGGY, STAR and TIMELESS COOL.


Garry Brown, General Manager FROGGY 1049, Timeless Cool 1490AM, the Frankfort Affiliate of Forever Communicaitons sharing lots about Frankfort’s hometown radio stations.


Mindy Abott otherwise known as Sally Mander welcomes folks as they enter. 


GATOR the Morning Jumpstart for Frankfort Kentucky’s FROGGY now has his own personal Picture Album from his Memories Photography Frankfort Photo Shoot and and me, Sue Darnell Ellis.

GATOR was On-Air while we toured so he became my first opportunity to photograph a DJ live. What a treat for us to see and me to photograph!


Customers who need advertising help  meet Tonya Moore, Sales Manager for the Frankfort staff.


Catch a glimpse of Cricket in the background. She joined us during our morning tour. Cricket, I will come back and catch you in action if you like! What fun! Anytime for any of the DJs!


Interviewees of Froggy would use this Mic or you can just imagine what it feels like to be a DJ!


Remember the Newest Radio Media in Frankfort Kentucky is  WKYW AM “Timeless Cool” 1490 – Check it out!! They play everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Frank Sinatra Jack Johnson, Harry Connick Jr and Amy Winehouse.

Questions asked include how much of the FROGGY station is like the other FROGGY stations across several states. Garry clarified that Frankfort has a few of the syndicated programs but otherwise, everything else is created by the Frankfort staff and unique to Frankfort. it is truly our HOMETOWN station!

Thanks to Everyone from the 2011 Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Frankfort Class and Memories Photography Frankfort!


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