Pictures of the Easter Passion Play Performed By Gardenside Baptist Church Lexington by Memories Photography Frankfort

As guests at The Lexington Passion Play 2011 we were welcomed in song by a trio and the pastor.


The production sets the stage for the beginning and the  end of the story of Jesus. The story begins with 

the War in Heaven between Jesus and Lucifer. (Revelation 12)


The life of Jesus begins with his birth as shown with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. (Luke 2)


Mary looks toward the future and we see Jesus growing into a little boy, 


and then we see Jesus with the Rabbi Teachers in the Temple as told in Luke 2.


Jesus is grown now and begins his ministry and we meet his disciples. 


The first story shared from his life of  ministry is the about Samaritan Woman at the Well from John 4.

First we see several women talking about the Samaritan Woman and then she meets Jesus who saves her.


Next we watch Jesus interact with his disciples, Martha and her sister Mary and Lazarus as told in John 12


The massive cast congregates in The Market area of Jesus’s day. The citizens, merchants, and beggars tell stories of thievery. Jesus then makes his Triumphal Entry with his disciples as told in Luke 19 of the Bible.


The joy and celebration changes into a Confrontation within the crowd. Calaphas, Annas, Pilate, several soldiers confront Jesus and his disciples including Peter and Judas as told in Luke 19.


One of the happiest part of the passion play is here when we see many of the miracles of healing of Jesus.

The Healings amd The Celebration of the healings are accompanied by musical renditions of Wonderful NameThere is a Healer and He is Jehovah 


along with Jesus and his disciples dancing.


Jesus tells a story to the crowd and lets the little children come to him as the Bible tells in Genesis 21-22, Hebrews 10, and Luke 13.


Pilate faces a Dilemma and discusses it with his wife Claudia as in Matthew 27.


Jesus knows the time has come and takes his disciples to The Upper Room for the Last Supper as told in Luke 22.


The Garden of Gethsemane Jesus prays all night before he faces his betrayal and death. The disciples stay with him but fall asleep while he prays as the Bible shares is Mark 14.


Jesus is betrayed by Judas, The Pharisees wives in the courtyard talk about the events and then 

Jesus is Arrested and Questioned. (Mark 14, John 18)


Peter Denies Jesus 3 Times, is remorseful but Jesus is sent to The Cross. ( (Mark 15, Matthew 26 -27)

Pilate offers the crowd Barabbas or Jesus and they choose Barabbas. The Roman soldiers take Jesus



Next we witness Jesus dragging his cross, Lucifer laughs in the distance, his mother Mary cries, and the soldiers nail him to the Cross.


The Crucifixion as told in Matthew 27. Jesus speaks to the two thieves on their crosses and tells them that today they will be with him in paradise. The soldiers play games at the foot of his cross. His mother Mary weeps. 


When Jesus says, “it is finished,” the Earth quakes, the Veil is torn, the lamb is slain, Jesus dies.


The body of jesus  is removed from the cross, he is taken to the tomb, the stone is rolled in front of the tomb. Jesus is Buried.


The Resurrection – Jesus Arises from the Dead, the stone is rolled away, as Behold the Lamb  and Arise are sung.


Jesus sees the women at the tomb, his disciples and they all begin to remember his stories before his death. They know He is the Christ.


Jesus Ascends into Heaven


The pastor comes and gives an Invitation


All the people gather and sing The Triumph and Jerusalem.



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