Snowbirds Have Migrated Back North, Taken Me with Them, & the Stories Begin Immediately! Back to Alzheimers Blogging

The Snowbirds have migrated back north to StLouis and taken me with them. Never fear the stories roll from the first moment of travel! The biggest story of night one: We were home, showered, ready for bed when I was scared to my wits end because I thought mom had a terrible fall / roll down the stairs!! I ran and she was fine, she was running to check on Pawpaw, who had jumped out if bed to see what or who had fallen. Thankful no one had broken their neck the search began to find the sonic boom maker only to find a window had fallen from its home to the floor! The new windows with no paint finishes, had been left unlocked and fell right out of their sills into the dining room floor!! We are all in our beds, safe and sound trying this going to bed thing again!

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