Halloween Celebration for All at Kentucky River Campground and Gigi’s Airstream


Girls Camp Night with Gigi and GDaddy – Friday Night

After the family gathering for Seth’s birthday, we loaded up the girls and headed out to the Airstream and Kentucky River Campground for a big Halloween Weekend there. Arriving there about 9:30, the girls headed straight for the playground under the night lights. GDaddy provided the scary monsters chasing them around and wearing them completely out for a good night’s sleep.

When they came in Gigi had the bed made and ready, apples cut up for a snack and bottles of water for the tired thirsty girls. They picked a movie and jumped into bed with no complaints at all. After their snack of apples dipped in peanut butter, their heads hit the pillows, we passed kisses all around, turned the lights and TV down low, and said good night. In no time at all, they were sound asleep! Gigi’s favorite part, when Livy said, ” My Gigi is just awesome!” That made all of the effort, planning and work completely worth it!


GDaddy Finds Some Quiet Time for His Baseball Time

With girls down, GDaddy looked at baseball on the computer for a little while to wind down. Gigi got herself ready for bed and wrote a few email answers on her iPhone. Thank goodness for the campground WiFi Network keeping us somewhat connected!! NO phone signal BUT WiFi works keeping us able to do everything else!


After A Pancake Breakfast, Lizzy Watches from Inside Saturday Morning 

The girls headed back out to the playground as soon as they had finished their breakfast. They each ate 3 small pancakes and drank their milk so they could go outside. Gigi washed the dishes while they played and THEN we headed to the Pumpkin Patch to Pick Pumpkins!! 


Welcome to the Halloween Activities for All Kiddos!

At 12:30 the activities at the KRC (Kentucky River Campground) Shelter began. Welcomed by the Friendly Ghost I took a few pictures of my little campers.


Cake Walk and Many More Activities for the Kids

Inside the shelter they walked the cake walk MANY times but no one won a cake! Never fear – Gigi had Halloween Cupcakes to cover the need! The girls did all the activities and won Halloween puzzles, vampire teeth, spiders rings, and more for their souvenirs.


Face Painting, even Gigi! Here you see pictures of Livy getting her Butterfly Wings, Jaden getting her little cheek butterfly and Gigi’s Pumpkin Cheeks!


Bobbing for Apples was included in the opportunities of fun.


Pumpkin Painting came about 3:00 and everyone joined in. Gigi Painted one for Colton and Keenan who had not yet made it to KRC yet. We painted 6 pumpkins in all. We missed Madison and Mackenzie this weekend.


Fun Family Gathering pictures show some snapshots of the family enjoying the beautiful weather in the afternoon.


Costume Contests for all age groups took place after the Chili Fest. We had so many guests in our family, Gigi made Chili and brought food to feed our crew at our camper. I hated to take so many people to overtake the shelter tables so we took care of ourselves then joined the Costume Contests and Trick or Treating.



Trick or Treating for ALL! Just a glimpse of the Trick or Treating with our little crew. Colton and Jaden got the royal seats in the wagon and everyone else walked on their own and kept me attempting to make sure I had not lost anyone! They filled their pumpkins just circling the lower level! With that we headed back to the camper to get bags for use on the upper level and off we went again!!



Campfire Glowing in Our New FirePit was a Warm Welcome

after Trick or Treating. The silver Airstream in the background with the palm tree is Gigi’s retirement purchase from Nana and Pawpaw and our home away from home. it is Gigi’s little playhouse that everyone loves! 

Gigi grew up camping and wants to share the fun  family memories with all of her grandkids. Colton is talking now and kept repeating, “Gigi’s Campground!” Even unable to see everything he has learned where he is and recognizes it upon arrival. He looked into the fire quite a bit and said, “Gigi’s Campfire!” Everything is Gigi’s to him when he is with me. 


Boys Camp Night – Saturday Night

After the guests slowly headed onto their homes, the boys enjoyed the playground a while longer and then wanted their bed made and time to rest watching movies. Gigi made noise with lots of dishes to wash and kept them awake to watch most of Aladdin. We also had The Return of Jafar and Keenan watched that to its end. Carter played with Gigi’s iPhone and GDaddy drifted off before either of the boys!

Sunday Morning Pancakes for the Boys, Throwing Football with GDaddy and Walking with Lizzy. They played and played and were not ready to go as GDaddy prepared to take them back to Frankfort. About that time, Matt showed up just in time to pick them up and off the went from their magical time in this place that “has many cool things I can see them all!” and  ” a really cool camper”!

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