Gigi Celebrates Camping Memories with Grandkids ” Overnight Camping With Gigi”

Home from a BUSY and SUCCESSFUL Family and Camping Weekend with the Grandkids. Friday we celebrated Seth’s birthday with a huge houseful of guests and THEN I headed to the campground with the grandgirls for Overnight with Gigi. Saturday, all day, the campground hosted Halloween activities for the kids and they stayed busy and happy. Carter joined us midday after his football game where he threw the game winning touchdown! Later Keenan came after his football game and Colton came with Seth and Crystal. We had all the grandkids then for our chili feast, Costume Contest (Olivia WON 1st place in her age group) and then Trick or Treat around the campground. WHAT FUN! Last we built a fire in our fire pit and toasted marshmellows. Saturday night the boys all spent the night and stayed all day today. They had such fun and we made beautiful memories!

Me and Dennis? We survived BUT Currently DO NOT FEEL like 50 is the NEW 30!!! We feel like we OVERDID it and suddenly REMEMBER WE ARE NOT AS YOUNG AS WE USED TO BE!!! Memories are indeed WORTH EVERY ache or pain! We Loved it! Glad we did it! Will do it again and again as often as we can!!

More detailed stories to come with the picture memories soon!

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