We Arrive Chicago Palmer Hotel, Before the Official Start of BEST of the WEST UNCOMMON JOURNEY,


As in all vacations something slips…. Not everything can be perfect…. Right? Well we hit our first imperfection tonight upon arrival at Chicago’s 4-star Palmer Hotel. It is beautiful and we were rightfully impressed by its beauty and class!

On the 21st floor we hoped for a nice city view and that was not too bad BUT we found only one regular sized bed for the two of us. Mom was steaming!!! Multiple lead to nothing but disappointment and delivery of a roll away bed for me. The best laid plans of mice and men….. Perfection is not a part of life….. flexibility is the name of the game! I will most likely sleep just fine to be able to continue my journey and sharing!



To find ALL of the entries of the BLOG for BEST OF THE WEST Vacation By Rail and my pictures, 

please go to: http://bestofthewestsuedarnellellis.posterous.com


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