BEST of the WEST Uncommon Journey Starts as I Travel Through St Louis, The Gateway to the WEST



My Uncommon Journey began as I drove from my home in Frankfort, Kentucky to my mom’s in St. Peters, Missouri. That 350 miles trip took me across Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and into  MIssouri.

The next day we began our train travel starting from a quaint little town and historic station in Kirkwood, Missouri to get get to the St. Louis Missouri downtown. ststation. We had a short layover at the St Louis station, long enough to grab a bite of homegrown Kentucky Fried Chicken at the Arch City Deli. One discovery that continued throughout the trip, food in and around trains was not bad at all! I would describe all of the train food that I had as VERY GOOD! Good Job AMTRAK!!!

Planning to document my trip for my grandchildren by sending picture postcards all along the way, I went on a hunt for St Louis post cards. I did make some pictures with my camera as I searched but there were no postcards to be found anywhere! Here in the GaTEWAY TO THE WEST, the St Louis Transportation Central Station, I found nothing I could mail to my grandchildren. I did see pictures in advertisement of the the Arch in St Louis next to the Mississippi River, SSSSSOOOOOOO I took iPhone pictures of the advertisements of the StLouis area and sent Text Messages as my first communication to those who did have data plans and could receive pictures.


To find ALL of the entries of the BLOG for our Uncommon Journey BEST OF THE WEST Vacation By Rail and my pictures,  please go to:


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