Our Fearless Leaders: Conrad, Ricardo & Bruce In Action


Scattered though these pictures are, they show the days and ways of our leaders who were so good at herding our group.

Teaching, telling, sharing, caring, laughing, and leading, Conrad, our Tour Director, was great! Thank you Conrad for helping make this a truly wonderful experience of a lifetime!

Driving, swerving, curving, lifting, escorting, mapping, recording, organizing and retrieving, Ricardo, our Bus Driver and Conrad’s right-hand man, kept us all safe and sound for over 5000 miles! Thank you Ricardo for always being there to take care of us and keep us safe!

Yellowstone Tour Leader, Bruce, knew the Yellowstone facts, shared them with us while Geyser Gazing and trekking over these beautiful, bubbling wilderness lands. Thank you Bruce for sharing your “window in the world of Yellowstone!”

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