Hints of Fall Change into Full Blown Autumn in Our American West

Traveling in September out West brings a variety of differences and change to its visitors. Traveling in the height of the tourist season, summer, miss out on the awesome beauty of the FALL COLORS OF CHANCE shown in the pictures. The pictures are in chronological order of our two weeks trip and literally we first saw “hints of fall” with a tree here and a bush there showing us change in color. By the time we finished our two-week excursion, the decidous trees were showing their true autumn colors of yellow, orange and reds ablaze throughout the forest and the sights.

Other differences experienced by travelers who choose fall as their season of travel were discovered by our tour group. First and foremost the beauty of the changing colors make for beautiful photographs and sights to enjoy. There is also the benefit having of fewer people to fall over at all of the venues.  One disappointing difference comes when your bus pulls up to a location only to find it closed for the season….. The National Parks were all open but the side trips sometimes gave even our leaders surprises to find the doors locked and the planned option not available. Conrad always had his plan A, B, C, and once I believe we had to move into Plan D for our ‘nature calls comfort stops’ along the road. Visting the American West in fall was a pure delight and these images of the stages of autumn show but one delight we experienced.


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