Big Sky Country Montana and the Western US

As we began our journey in Montana, I continued my quest for pretty postcards to send my grandchildren, family and friends back at home. Sending postcards is becoming a dying tradition and one I appreciate. The paper postcards can be saved and cherished with loved ones handwriting and pictures of experiences all can enjoy. With eight grandchildren in Frankfort, yours plus mine add up, I worked on postcards every evening of our excursion. One of my favorite postcards pictured a variety of Montana sceens in a collage saying “Big Montana Sky”. I watched for a big Montana sky but rarely saw what I considered BIG SKY pictures until later in the trip. Here are a FEW of the BIG SKY pictures I made. More an be seen in the next few blog entries on the sunsets at the national parks and MANY of those coming pictures are BIG SKY pictures too! ENJOY them ALL! I have had lots of fun at each stage in their production!


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