Nearly Sunset at Grand Tetons National Park


The Grand Tetons were one of the sights I was most excited to see. From pictures I have seen of these majestic mountains, they are of the prettiest on planet earth. Upon our arrival to see the Tetons and have our Kodak moment, I was sad. This spot, the most popluar for photographing the Grand Tetons, presented itself at 4:00 in the afternoon with a straight shot look into the sun. The mountains were but a silhouette against the bright sun low in the western sky. To find the sun at this position is one of the worst possible angles for photographers. Accepting my fate as it was put me into jog to shoot at an angle allowing me to see the mountains, their color and grandeur from a sideways angle. I did achieve the colorful blue water, mountains, forests and color but those pictures will appear in a future blog since those have not been edited yet. Here you see my Grand Tetons at Near Sunset.

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