Sunset in Arches National Park: Saving the Best for Last


On this Uncommon Journey, we visited FIVE national parks. We visited Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The last opportunity for sunset pictures on our trip, mom and I made for ourselves and was at Arches National Park. Mom and I diverted from the bigger tour group to get this opportunity. In one day while we were in the Moab, Utah area we took a Hot Air Balloon trip AND a special Arches at Sunset Tour. BOTH of these options were WELL-WORTH the extra expense and very special additions to our trip. I would recommend to Uncommon Journeys at move the day planning around to allow tour participants the chance to see and experience Arches at Sunset. The reds were redder than ever and the drama of this place stretched in the shadows of sunset. Enjoy this glimpse of the one of the most dramatic places on earth.

One thought on “Sunset in Arches National Park: Saving the Best for Last

  1. Sue, I agree that this definitely a highlight of the trip! I love your suggestion for Uncommon Journeys to consider a visit at this time of day. I would also suggest that they include the Sand Dunes arch, because that was just magical.Leslie

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