New Friends, Tour Participants, at Gate of the Mountains, Montana

Have you ever thought about joining a tour group for travel? This Uncommon Journeys tour “Best of the West” was for a group of 50 people from all over the United States. Multiple personalities, professions, backgrounds, and hometowns makes for another beautiful description of tour group vacations. I love people and this group was a joy to be a part of. To those who are considering group travel, let this, and the next few blog posts, be a solid recommendation for group travel. It is a BLAST!

In the pictures of these next few blog posts, you see our tour group all along the way as we visited five national parks and traveled 5000 miles together. Here we are enjoying our FIRST sight-seeing stop, Gate of the Mountains, Montana. This pristine wilderness is just exactly as it was when Lewis and Clark first saw it and described it in their exploration of the Louisana Purchase between 1803 and 1806. These national heroes named this spot Gate of the Mountains, that is the Rocky Mountains. This first picture shows exactly how the rock formations ‘appear’ to open and close as you glide down the Missouri River.

Also in this gallery are pictures of our group at the campfire on S’more Night at Hot Springs Resort, a couple taken while visting Earthquake Rock and several while enjoyed ‘Chocolate Floats’ at the old-fashioned fountain at Eagle’s in West Yellowstone. Yummy!!!


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