Touring Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks with Uncommon Journeys

The pictures included in this post gallery begin at the Yellowstone National Park Entrance Sign, and include a few pictures of the tour group while Geyser Gazing within Yellowstone. I have also included several of the ‘official’ group pictures. After watching Old Faithful present itself spectularly gathered together to take our group photo at the Old Faithful Geyser and sign and these are all included so that my newfound friends could have digital copies of their own.

Next are a couple of shots at the Continental Divide, followed by picutres made at the entrance sign to the Grand Teton National Park. The rafting picturess were made as we floated on the Snake River in front of the Grand Teton Mountains. The last series shows one of our tour participants complaining of wet pants from the raft trip. Conrad, our tour leader who promised us all we would NOT get wet, just enjoys a laugh since he instructed the raft guides to get rafts numbered two and four “a little wet!”



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